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Island Outlets Are a Kitchen Necessity

Island Outlets Are a Kitchen Necessity

What is the core of your home? For most, it is the kitchen and centered in that kitchen is your island. A kitchen island can become the focal point and the heart of the design of any kitchen. Adding electrical elements can not only elevate a vision but also offer some...

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Top 5 Generator Maintenance Tips

Sometimes we take our backup generator for granted and forget to maintain it. Stevens Electric has 5 simple and easy tips to keep it running for years. A backup generator, also known as a home generator can be crucial in areas that lose power often. Nobody wants to be...

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Recessed Lighting Has Its Advantages

Recessed Lighting Has Its Advantages

Replace harsh lamps and traditional light fixtures with the beauty of recessed lighting. There is nothing more attractive than illuminating your home with recessed lighting. Installed flush against the ceiling’s surface, they give rooms a larger and more spacious...

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Outdoor Receptacles For You

Receptacles inside your home is a need, but ask yourself, what about outside? Some think outdoor receptacles aren’t important, but outdoor outlets can help make your life so much easier! Remember that it is all about how these electrical outlets are installed which...

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Swimming Pool Construction

Swimming Pool Construction

What do We Know About Swimming Pool Construction? Swimming pool construction is exciting, but a challenging project. From the endless permits, inspections, to the physical labor involved, it is not a quick and easy job. As a company that builds swimming pools, you...

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What is the GFCI?

Home electrical fires are catastrophic. In the United States, they contribute 280 deaths and an estimated $1 billion in damages each year. Events like these could be prevented by a GFCI or Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter. The explanation for ground faults are paths...

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