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Ceiling Fans Are A Need

Ceiling fans are economical, efficient, and an attractive way to save on your energy bill. They not only offer better air circulation but also provide overhead lighting to your rooms. Most ceiling fans models and installations are within reach for even the tightest...

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Don’t Forget Your House Generator

Just like any system in your home, a house generator requires routine maintenance. Failing to maintain your system will not only result in costly repairs, and even replacements.  Also, it could mean that your generator does not engage during the next power outage. How...

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Why You Need Proper Pool Electrical Work

Why You Need Proper Pool Electrical Work

As Summer Approaches, All We Think About the Activities Associated with One of the Most Favored Seasons. I can taste the ice cream, feel the sun on my skin and anticipate the summer swimming. Have a pool? Want a pool? Are you installing a pool? Swimming pool...

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Electrical Service Change Benefits

Your Home Needs the Right Power Supply to Fulfill your Day-to-Day Needs. Updating your home’s electrical service is very important for maintaining your home. Your electrical systems play a vital role in the safety and efficiency of your home, not updating your system...

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Youth vs. The Trades

Youth vs. The Trades

Why young people aren't choosing careers in the trades and what can we do to change it. A career in construction offers a multitude of opportunities. Though the benefits of becoming a skilled tradesperson are something to admire, younger generations are largely...

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10 Reasons to Call an Electrician

It’s true that if you do it yourself, you can save money; however, “DIY” Electrical work is dangerous and, in some cases, illegal. You should never risk the health and safety of yourself, your loved ones, and your home. A YouTube video cannot teach you years of...

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Stevens Electric offers several different electrician services. Here we do not specialize in just one electrical avenue; we continue the same level of quality throughout each. Each electrician on our team is certified to perform any job you may have with the upmost professionalism.


We are able to do any residential electrician project with unmatched quality and innovative pricing options.


We’ve helped several businesses both large and small modernize their electrical systems, saving them time and money!


Whether it’s a large or small-scale industrial electrician projects, we have years of experience working within the industry.


As a Generac Certified Dealer, we have installed both whole-home and stand-alone generators.

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